About Us

Welcome to The Crafty Cuppa!

My name is Jen and I have always been super crafty (in an arty kind of a way!)

Over the years I have done many things and tried most crafts out there but my passion has always been drawing and illustrating.

I started Jennysis Crafts back in 2014 and over that time I’ve helped many small businesses by designing logos, printing stationery and merchandise etc. I’ve taught various crafts to others, illustrate and written books and drawn hundreds of portraits. It’s been an extremely varied business and I’ve loved it all. But the thing I wanted to do since leaving university is to set up a gallery or shop to help showcase other peoples work, to help them get their work seen.

So fast forward a couple of decades and I’m eventually putting that long ago dream into action!

So I have the premises but my word it needed sooooo much work! We started work on it in July 2023 and since then we have had so many obstacles to overcome. Woodworm, many layers of flooring to remove, scary electrics meaning it all had to be replaced, rotten façade, falling masonry and loose plasterboard… well that’s just some of the hurdles we are overcoming! But it’s getting there. I keep having to push back the opening as drama after drama kept unfolding but hopefully we are on the home stretch now and will be opening the doors on 25th May 2024!

So what’s the plan? What’s so special about this café?

Well The Crafty Cuppa will be a Community Interest Company, meaning all profits go back into the business and community. So it’s really all about supporting local!

The café will:

  • Offer shelf space for local artisans to sell their creations.
  • Showcase music by talented local performers.
  • Host monthly art exhibitions for emerging artists.
  • Serve cakes and hot drinks sourced from local bakers and suppliers.
  • Provide a venue for diverse workshops led by local instructors, covering everything from hobbies to mental well-being.
  • Create employment opportunities for those facing barriers to traditional workplaces.
  • Combat loneliness by fostering a welcoming environment for crafting and socializing.
  • Serve as a gathering place for small groups and events.
  • Offer space rental for parties and gatherings.

And that’s just the beginning! We’re constantly brainstorming new ideas to enrich our community.

To view a full mission statement then click here.

So I do hope you are as excited as we are for the café to open on the 25th May. Until then why not come and attend a workshop in the studio space which is already open or join the Crafty Cuppa Community group and start getting to know the locals!