Crafty Cuppa Mission Statement

How will the Crafty Cuppa benefit the local community?

The company’s activities will provide benefit to …

  1. Supporting people who might be at risk of social isolation or loneliness.
  2. Provide workshops or events that support well being and positive mental health.
  3. Provide a safe space for those with disabilities, people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.
  4. Encourage the local community to engage and connect with one another.
  5. Provide a space for local artisans, charities, authors, musicians, teachers etc to sell their products, teach, run sessions, social events or groups.

What activities will the Crafty Cuppa offer?

Rent a shelf system for artisans to sell their work

Providing a physical space for local (within Dorset) artisans and artists to display and sell their work.  Renting a shelf will help generate income for the café to help employ staff and pay for supplies.  The aim is for the artists to form their own mini community, the ability to support each other, make connections and help them move their small businesses forward.

Investing in the local economy.

Social Groups

Providing space for small groups to meet for socialising, community and connection.  Helping to combat loneliness in the community.

The café

Providing a safe and comfortable space for people to come and enjoy a ‘cuppa and cake’.  There will be the opportunity for all patrons to buy a craft kit to do while in the café or they can bring their own.  Not only can people drink, eat and craft but they can also look at and buy other artists makes or attend a workshop. There will be additional space outside on warmer days and overflow into the workshop space when not in use.  This space is perfect for people to connect, they are welcome to come alone or in groups and this will help tackle loneliness in the area as well.  Crafting is a wonderful way to promote mental well being and mindfulness.

Creates opportunities for joint activities and positive family connections.

Provide a place for the community to feel a sense of belonging and to support local tourism, especially for the bottom of Dorchester High Street.

Artist gallery

This will provide space for local artists to showcase their work on a rolling basis, this will help keep the café fresh and interesting to engage visitors but also provide opportunities for artists to be seen. This will also increase footfall.


Providing paid opportunities for local Artisans and professionals to pass on their skills.  This in turn builds up connections for the teachers and hopefully further opportunities such as commissions or extra lessons.


Workshops create opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people with a similar interest and hopefully go on to form mini interest communities who can meet regularly at the café.

Workshops vary greatly from crafts, mental health, personal development, creative hobbies, children’s groups, HAF scheme.  Workshops will be inclusive for all abilities and disabilities, it is wheelchair accessible with space for buggies if needed. 


We will aim to employ or accept volunteers from the local area; liaise with local agencies to provide work experience in the café.  These agencies will include people with special needs and those who wish to gain experience in a café but might struggle in a full time job. 


After purchasing a music licence it is intended that music from local performers will be playing.  There will also be an opportunity to sell their cd’s 

Event space

The workshop area can be used by small local groups or individuals to hire for a small event, party or pop up shop.

Providing space for local community groups to help combat loneliness and offer support.

Food and Drink

All food and drink will cater for people’s general dietary needs, including all cakes being gluten free and a selection of other specialist cakes such as vegan and nut free.

Teas and coffees will include milk alternatives


Provides the opportunity for local bakers to use the kitchen to help establish their own business as well as providing cakes for the café. 

Support local community partnerships, schools, groups etc to utilise the kitchen for activities.


To have an accessible and welcoming community space which will forge a sense of identity for the community.  Be an active participant on Discover Dorchester to encourage local commerce and community cohesion.


The whole space used for the café is wheelchair and buggy accessible.  Toilets are non-gender specified and contain facilities for those with disabilities and carers with babies.

The workshop area is self-contained and allows the class to feel fully involved in their sessions without interruption.

Workshop space is fitted with calm dimmed lighting and has blinds for light sensitivity.  The outside area is fully enclosed with some areas flat for wheelchair users.  There is a stepped decking area which is spacious for several tables and chairs.

Involve local schools to collaborate on art installations in the café.


If the Crafty Cuppa makes any surplus then it will be reinvested into the cafe, staff, equipment and facilities to further meet local needs and improve the facilities.

Closing Down

If the Crafty Cuppa CIC were to close down then all assets remaining after this will go to Dorchester Museum.