Crafty Cuppa Workshop Hire Terms and Conditions


This contract is between us and you and not any other person or organisation for whom you may book rooms and facilities. You acquire responsibility for paying all charges, including any extra charges that arise under this contract.

The following are the terms and conditions for the hire of the workshop room at Crafty Cuppa CIC


‘The Venue’ CC – the organisation responsible for all rooms and facilities available for hire at the Crafty Cuppa CIC.

‘The Hirer’ refers to the individual or organisation hiring part of the Venue.

‘The Workshop’ refers to the particular room hired as set out in the Booking Form.

‘Booking Form’ sets out the Event which have been booked and all other arrangements which the hirer has agreed in advanced with Crafty Cuppa CIC.


This Terms and Conditions and the signed Booking Form represent the agreement between the Venue and the Hirer (the Agreement).

By signing the Booking Form the Hirer enters into the Agreement.

The person signing the Booking Form must be an authorised representative of the Hirer.


CC will only confirm provisional bookings if the Booking Form is signed by the Hirer.

Any provisional bookings that have not been confirmed will expire after 2 weeks without further notice unless the Hirer is informed otherwise.


CC will confirm the booking only on the basis of these terms and that the Booking Form is confirmed in writing and signed by the Hirer.

When the Hirer confirms the booking, the Hirer agrees to pay all charges for all rooms, catering and other facilities as set out in the booking form.

Confirmation of the event details including final numbers and catering requirements must be given not less than 3 working days prior to the Event.


In the event of circumstances beyond CC’s control (e.g. increases in the prices of refreshments), CC reserves the right to vary the prices quoted to an extent which reflects such changed circumstances.


If the Event is cancelled there will be no charge if this is done before the payment date (3 days prior to event)  If the hirer wishes to cancel after this point then refund is down to the discretion of CC. 

The Venue has the right to alter or cancel any bookings that the Venue cannot adhere to for reasons beyond their control. If this happens the Venue will use all reasonable efforts to offer the Hirer an alternative but will not be responsible for any additional cost. The Venue cannot accept responsibility if they cannot provide the facilities, food, drinks or services because of industrial action or any other cause which is beyond their control, as long as the Venue could not have avoided the effects by taking reasonable steps.


A deposit may be requested entirely at the discretion of the Venue. For new customers, payment will be required in advance of a booking until a credit account is set up.

The Venue will invoice the Hirer for all charges (and if a deposit/advance payment has been paid the balance of the charges) 5 days prior to the event. The Hirer must pay that invoice in sterling, to the address shown on the invoice, within 2 days of the date of the invoice. The Hirer will pay any bank charges involved in making a payment. If the Hirer does not pay the invoice in full within the time remaining before their hire then CC can decline their booking and entrance to the premises.

All prices quoted either verbally or in writing are exclusive of VAT.

The Hirer agrees to adhere to the following Rules and Regulations

The Venue reserves the right to decline any application for hire of its facilities.

The Hirer must vacate the Venue on or before the expiry time as set out on the Booking Form, otherwise reasonable additional charges will be incurred.

Bookings are only accepted by event organisers/delegates aged 18 and over.

The Hirer shall not sublet the hired rooms without the Venue’s written consent. This includes the prior approval by the Venue of any exhibitors attending the event.

The Venue reserves the right of entry to rooms to inspect their condition and for any cleaning or maintenance or to carry out repairs, or in an emergency.

Animals are not allowed in the premises except guide dogs for the blind or partially sighted.

Smoking is not allowed within the Crafty Cuppa CIC.

Nothing may be attached to the walls in the Venue.

The presence of Crafty Cuppa CIC staff is required during all periods of use of the premises.

CC is able to take bookings for your event if you wish.  Please specify this when filling in your booking form.  You will be paid all monies minus bank charges on the day of your workshop or unless otherwise discussed with the venue.

Payments will be made via bank transfer.

CC is not responsible for selling tickets for your event, it will advertise on various websites, social media accounts and via newsletters and in person. 

Behaviour at the Venue

Delegates/guests must conduct themselves in a responsible and proper manner with due consideration to others and must refrain from behaviour which would bring the Venue into disrepute or be a nuisance or cause discomfort or annoyance to staff members at the Venue and the surrounding areas.

The facilities must only be used for the purpose hired and not for any other purpose whatsoever.