I’ve Booked the Workshop.. Now what?

Firstly.. congratulations. You have booked the workshop space for your event or class! Thank you so much for choosing the Crafty Cuppa and I truly hope you enjoy your time.

If you have booked for a private party or event then please feel free to ignore the rest of this page.

So what do you need to do now if you would like your event to be advertised with us? (just a reminder I will not advertise competitive teachers to ones currently running workshops at the Crafty Cuppa, if you aren’t sure do pop me a message)

1- I need a graphic from you. Ideally a square PNG which I can resize for printing or submitting on my website. This graphic needs to include an image that shows what people will create or show what they will do. Title of class, date and time and cost.

2- Wording for use on the website. this can just be a brief description if you wish but needs to cover what the attendee will do during their time with you and what they will hope to achieve. Always good to add booking is essential if it is and also that refreshments will be available (you get these as part of your booking unless you don’t wish to offer them)

3- A link to direct people so they can book with you. This link can’t be an email address I’m afraid but can be a link for a Facebook event, website, Eventbrite listing (great way to get customers who might want to holiday in Dorchester or want an experience holiday) or even a PayPal pay me link. I will not be taking bookings on my website from April so you will need to arrange an easy method for people to get in touch with you to book. If you decide to take cash on the day it is still advisable that people book a space with you so you know how many to expect.

Places you could host your booking might include any of the following.. beware however that all of these sites incur a fee of some kind. They will take payments for you however and you can keep track of spaces available. You can sometimes add the cost of the fees to the price of the ticket or pass the fee cost onto the customer.




If you would like help setting up a Facebook event please do read this step by step guide I wrote. Facebook events is free and always worth setting up for every event.

When a customer places an order/books a space it’s a great idea to make sure they know where to go. You can use the following flyer to pass out or send to participants so they know where to go and what parking options are available as well as public transport.

4- Advertise!! With the information you have sent to me I will place a listing on my what’s on section on this site as will as listing on Discover Dorchester. I will also add you to my what’s on flyer, include you on my newsletter and share posts on Social media ( you need to let me know if you post about the upcoming class so I can share)

It’s great practise to share your Facebook posts on various groups. Remember the audience you are aiming for. For example don’t advertise a patchwork class on groups who already patchwork, aim for people in other groups who may not have thought of patchwork etc. Can your class have homeschool students attend or people with special needs? Is it perfect for the over 50’s or lonely? Join groups that represent your demographic and interact and post to those.

Another great place to post your workshops is on the Next Door app as so many people don’t look at Facebook. Also don’t forget the good old community boards in shops and post offices!!

I also have a community page here where you can advertise your event as much as you wish.

5- Bring or send a sample to the cafĂ© so it can be displayed, it’s great to actually be able to see or hold something you may make in a class!

If you can’t fill your class enough to make it worth your while then please do let me know as soon as possible so the event can be removed and the workshop hired out to someone else if needed.

Most of all… Have fun!

Jen xx